Abbi features on several albums such as:

  1. Achien’g Abura: “Time for Change” (2010)

  2. Familiy Health International: “Songs of Hope” (2009)

  3. Mutinda: “Matopeni“ (2008)

  4. Barbara Guantai: “Mbiu ya Africa” (2004)


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- “Easy listen roots reggae fusion with African, Caribbean and Danish vibes”

- “A contemporary Afro-fusion album with spices of salsa, jazz and afro-beat”

- “A Kenyan Afro-Fusion Classic with a blend of sukuti, benga, reggae and jazz”


Mudunia (2003) by ABBI

What happens when Abbi, an established Kenyan singer, music composer and producer with his team of Kenyan musicians and producers meets Danish music producers Thomas Menzer and Claus Seest, who introduce Danish musicians and flavors to the sound, and finally take the album to be mixed and mastered by Denmark's leading reggae-producer - Pharfar Nesser?

  1. -You get the magical experience of "Your Own Way".

The 12-track album has a sound of contemporary live roots reggae fused with a light touch of afro-influences and features Grammy Award Nominee Tippa Irie (UK) and artists Janus Soliånd (DK) and Adrew Ashimba (TZ) among many others.

All instruments are recorded live, including organs, percussions, saxophone, and of course drums, bass and guitars; and captures the beautiful coming together of artists from Kenya, Tanzania, Denmark, and United Kingdom.

With Abbi's characteristic strong emotional voice, he takes his audiences into his world of deep, inspirational, contemplative messages about life.

Enjoy - and remember to make it

"Your Own Way"!